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Conceptualization corner. Here you’ll find ideas about my work-life, SEO tips, thoughts regarding traffic acquisition and content strategy, reviews of Helsinki startup events like Slush, my experience in coworking spaces, and more! This is a place to explore my purpose and objectives.

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SEO mindset

Getting into the SEO mindset 3/3

Welcome to the third blog in a three part series about how to get more qualified traffic to your website with the 3 main pillars of SEO. This entire series is about mind over matter, and to emphasize that you don’t need technical training to implement SEO! A Search Engine Optimization approach is more a mindset than a technical framework, and it comes down to being user-centric and keeping your users at the forefront of your mind.

SEO mindset

Getting Into the SEO Mindset, PRO-Tips Take Two (2/3)

In this blog, we’ll be covering the second of the three main pillars of SEO - the architecture of your website. However, I want to call out that the first pillar of SEO, identifying your keywords, really helps to inspire a user-centric mindset for your SEO approach, and leads you more naturally into addressing the architecture of your website.

SEO mindset

Getting Into the SEO Mindset with Entrepreneurs of Finland (1/3)

Mind over Matter, sharing stories, getting content with content, and becoming user-centric maniacs with Entrepreneurs of Finland! Check out the first blog in a series on Boosting Your Website Traffic with SEO inspired by my experience leading a webinar with the awesome Entrepreneurs of Finland. SEO Pillars & Pro-Tips included.

Yes, you need more pages for good indexation - SEO helsinki

Do you really need more pages on your website? All signs point to yes.

A fully realized SEO approach is powerful because it continues to build itself on this simple foundation. Increasing the amount of pages Google knows about your website will not only be improving your visibility, but you will also be building your brand, raising your credibility, and reaching your target audience on an elevated level.

SEO common mistakes and their fixes

3 Common SEO mistakes you can easily fix

I believe truly in the influence of Search Engine Optimization because of the opportunities it allows you to connect with consumers who are actively looking for a solution. By steering clear of some of these common mistakes, we can really see how an SEO methodology will amplify your content and the prominence of your brand in Google searches.

SEO tricks up your sleeves

Something up your sleeves

Optimizing your testimonials with a SEO approach by applying categories and tags feels like a magic trick because the results can be so extraordinary, but it doesn’t really require too much wizardry. Let’s take a look into the crystal ball to see how adding a dash of Search Engine Optimization to your testimonial tonic can really make your website glimmer and shine.

How to run a food business during a pandemic

Tacos, Corona, and empathy

Luis Rico was preparing to celebrate the five-year anniversary of his Mexican Taqueria, El Rey, before the coronavirus pandemic crashed the party. The Focksters had the pleasure of (virtually) sitting down with the real person behind the much-enjoyed spot in the heart of Helsinki, to discuss the innovative ways he found to connect with the real customers that are so important to the heart of his restaurant’s business model. (And yes, the Focksters all want tacos now).

El Rey

Business Darwinism for Local Food Entrepreneurs

How do small businesses who used to rely heavily on their physical point of sale evolve in a contactless world? Let's see how a selection of smart and reactive local restaurants and catering services in Helsinki are adjusting quickly to the coronavirus new context.

Growth Hacking

Grow Your Tralala

Reviewing myself. What it’s like to give a presentation on a trendy marketing technique beloved by the start-up world, also known as growth hacking. I combined a lightning talk and a more hands-on portion to share concrete examples, in a very SEO-fashioned way. If you’d like to discover my personal take on this concept, enjoy this post!

slush event marketing tips

How to be sure I enjoyed Slush to the fullest? The quiz! (2/2)

How to be sure I enjoyed Slush to the fullest? The quiz! (2/2)

slush event marketing tips

How to be sure I enjoyed Slush to the fullest? (1/2)

Slush is definitely the most-hyped/coolest event the Nordic startup scene produces every year. It's so ridiculously glamorous to be a part of it, that it’s almost suffocating. You might spend the whole time living in a constant state of FMO-induced panic-attack. But you’ll keep coming back for more.

Lauren holding money

Almost 10%

When I started my little entrepreneurial adventure, I offered 10% of my time to people needing SEO, Google Ads, or anything related to online marketing, for free. Here is what I learned about the face value of work.

work philosophy - hello smile - frank'r seo helsinki

Thoughts, Words, Actions

Why does implementing an online marketing strategy take time? Should I work with 20 different experts for each digital marketing channel I use? Read more about my work philosophy and how you will benefit from it.