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I have eight years of experience with a web agency in Toulouse, France, that I continue to collaborate with. 99.99% of their projects are related to the automotive industry which has allowed me the great opportunity to become very familiar with catalogue-based website and lead generation.

I'm also currently working with other French and Finnish entities from a wider range of industries. I've worked on projects addressing local, national, and international markets, including but not limited to: telecom engineering, e-learning, catering, sustainable design, headhunting, and more.

I'm keen on getting new experiences, exploring new industries, and applying my methodology to serve your business.

Featured projects

miam clothing omnichannel marketing audit

Guiding an online retailer to a more user-centric and data-driven approach

Miam Clothing is a new Finnish fashion label whose team was planning to step up their sales and marketing game. However, juggling all the marketing channels was tedious and wasting the company's resources. Together with the retail agency Werk, we rallied around this emerging designer and created an omnichannel evaluation with 2 clear goals in mind: empowering Miam to create a profitable seamless customer experience and finding the most cost-efficient strategy to get customers. Read more about this new project.


Groupe Routage's ranking skyrockets from #90 to #7 on Google

A mailing house in France was planning to revamp their main website. They asked me to prepare a SEO audit to help them build their optimised V2. After its launch in August 2019, the organic traffic boomed and has recorded an increase of +220% until the end of November 2019 -and even more after that! Their main keyword, "routage postal" escalated from an average rank-90 all the way up to the first page, at the rank-7.

SEO for an online catering service

How a local pastry catering service tripled its organic traffic in Toulouse

This pastry chef had just started to run his own online catering service a few months before our collaboration. The resources were scarce, but together with his wife, their involvement in their online communication strategy was conversely tremendous.

AVIS SEO mission

AVIS Trucks France on an ever-growing trend

A year prior to my mission, the Avis website was losing organic traffic compared to the previous year. After 3 months on my assignment, it regained as much traffic as the year before; and on the 7th month, it reached a +100% improvement.

Cipsy mission SEO

SEO mission for a training center in innovative psychology

CIPsy (or the Psychological Intervention Center) is a Psychotherapy Training Center in Paris offering short training sessions for Psychology professionals in new forms of innovative therapies. Prior to the pandemic, they mainly focused on their in-person training. In the post-covid world, they have moved their sessions online and the center saw a lack of attention and interest. Cipsy enlisted my help with the goal of ensuring improved visibility on Google, and I’m glad to report we are seeing a healthy increase in organic traffic allowing easier access to view CIPsy’s offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the steps we took.

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