Getting Traffic And Making The Most Of It

My role is to help you find out which are the most relevant channels for your business through testing phases and performance analysis.

These skills at your service


Organic visibility on Google, local SEO, long-tail strategy.
My specialty is to amplify the reach of catalogue websites. Content is king. Let’s make sure your content is addressing the largest possible audience and is getting the visibility it deserves anytime someone is searching for the service or product you provide.


Accessibility is essential.
Website accessibility has become an important topic for many website owners. If you haven’t heard much info about this before, please read further. I will give you a brief overview of what accessibility means, why it is important, and what you need to implement it.


Paid traffic on search & display networks.
Explore new horizons and conquer new territories to get your brand out there, be discovered by new potential users or engage again with more qualified people.


Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, you name it!
Social media is a great way to keep on the top of everyone’s mind, to set the tone of your brand in a way that feels more authentic, communicate expertise, provide support, and to get to know your community better.


More conversions? Yes, please!
Traffic acquisition is a top priority for most website owners but it’s worth nothing if your users don’t generate business. That is why conversion rate optimisation is a crucial KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of any marketing strategy.

Are Your Investments Reflecting The Returns You Get From Each Channel?

The user journey is immensely complex and a wide variety of channels is involved in the conversion.
Searches on Google, not so random discoveries on social media, enticing ads on your favorite websites, direct messages on LinkedIn,or an email — all these channels e channels play a substantial role. Their impact will depend on your industry, as well as on your type  of business (B2B, B2C), and on how familiar the user is already with your brand and service or product.
Let’s discover together what works best for your business.