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I’m Juliette, a Helsinki-based online marketing specialist whose mission it is to get more qualified traffic to your website. And then, I also make sure that you provide a nice and neat experience to optimise your sales or your lead generation.

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yoy organic traffic growth

Avis on an ever-growing trend

A year prior to my mission, the website was losing organic traffic compared to the previous year. After 3 months, it regained as much traffic as the year before; And on the 7th month, it reached a +100% improvement. 

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How to be sure I enjoyed Slush to the fullest? (1/2)


Slush is definitely the hypest event the Nordic startup scene is producing every year. It's so ridiculously glamorous to be part of it that it is almost suffocating. You live in a constant state of FMO-induced panic-attack.

How to be sure I enjoyed Slush to the fullest? The quiz! (2/2)


Enjoy this most nostalgic inclusion of the printed press golden age! Make sure you're gonna enjoy Slush to the fullest thanks to this delightful personality test.

Thoughts, Words, Actions


Why implementing an online marketing strategy takes time? Should I work with 20 different experts for each digital marketing channel I use? Read more about my work philosophy and how you will benefit from it.

Almost 10%


When I started my little entrepreneurial adventure, I offered 10% of my time to people needing SEO, Google Ads or anything related to online marketing. Here is what I learned about the face value of work.

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I’m currently based at Sofia Future Farm, Sofiankatu 4C, Helsinki.

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