Hi, I’m Juliette, a Helsinki-based online marketing specialist whose mission is to get more qualified traffic to your website. I want to make sure you’re able to provide an engaging and neat experience to optimize your sales or your lead generation. I have a flair for ensuring that your content strategy makes you, and your brand, stand out.

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Organic visibility on Google, local SEO, long-tail strategy.

My specialty is to amplify the reach of catalogue websites. Content is king. Let's make sure your content is addressing the largest possible audience and is getting the visibility it deserves anytime someone is searching for the service or product you provide.

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Paid traffic on search & display networks.

Explore new horizons and conquer new territories to get your brand out there, be discovered by new potential users or engage again with more qualified people.


Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, you name it!

Social media is a great way to keep on the top of everyone’s mind, to set the tone of your brand in a way that feels more authentic, communicate expertise, provide support, and to get to know your community better.


Accessibility is essential.

Website accessibility has become an important topic for many website owners. If you haven’t heard much info about this before, please read further. I will give you a brief overview of what accessibility means, why it is important, and what you need to implement it.


More conversions? Yes, please!

Traffic acquisition is a top priority for most website owners but it's worth nothing if your users don't generate business. That is why conversion rate optimisation is a crucial KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of any marketing strategy.


Increase in Organic Traffic After Intervention


Helping Psychotherapists Discover New Innovations by Using Marketing for Training

CIPsy (or the Psychological Intervention Center) is a Psychotherapy Training Center in Paris offering short training sessions for Psychology professionals in new forms of innovative therapies. Prior to the pandemic, they mainly focused on their in-person training. In the post-covid world, they have moved their sessions online and the center saw a lack of attention and interest. 

Cipsy enlisted my help with the goal of ensuring improved visibility on Google, and I’m glad to report we are seeing a healthy increase in organic traffic allowing easier access to view CIPsy’s offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the steps we took.


yoy organic traffic growth

Avis on an ever-growing trend

A year prior to my mission, the Avis website was losing organic traffic compared to the previous year. After 3 months on my assignment, it regained as much traffic as the year before; and on the 7th month, it reached a +100% improvement. 

39 Ways

to build an efficient omnichannel retail strategy

Guiding Miam to a more user-centric & data-driven approach

Miam Clothing is a new Finnish fashion label whose team was planning to step up their sales and marketing game. However, juggling all the marketing channels was tedious and wasting the company's resources. Together with the retail agency Werk, we rallied around this emerging designer and created an omnichannel evaluation with 2 clear goals in mind: empowering Miam to create a profitable seamless customer experience and finding the most cost-efficient strategy to get customers. Read more about this new project.

Getting Into the SEO Mindset with Entrepreneurs of Finland (1/3)


Mind over Matter, sharing stories, getting content with content, and becoming user-centric maniacs with Entrepreneurs of Finland!

Check out the first blog in a series on Boosting Your Website Traffic with SEO inspired by my experience leading a webinar with the awesome Entrepreneurs of Finland. SEO Pillars & Pro-Tips included.

Getting Into the SEO Mindset, PRO-Tips Take Two (2/3)


In this blog, we’ll be covering the second of the three main pillars of SEO - the architecture of your website. However, I want to call out that the first pillar of SEO, identifying your keywords, really helps to inspire a user-centric mindset for your SEO approach, and leads you more naturally into addressing the architecture of your website.

Do you really need more pages on your website? All signs point to yes.


A fully realized SEO approach is powerful because it continues to build itself on this simple foundation. Increasing the amount of pages Google knows about your website will not only be improving your visibility, but you will also be building your brand, raising your credibility, and reaching your target audience on an elevated level.

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