Omni-channel evaluation for Miam Clothing

Miam Clothing is a new Finnish fashion label whose team was planning to step up their sales and marketing game. However, juggling all the marketing channels was tedious and wasting the company’s resources. Together with the retail agency Werk, we rallied around this emerging designer and created an omnichannel evaluation with 2 clear goals in mind: Empowering Miam to create a profitable seamless customer experience and find the most cost-efficient strategy to get customers. Read more about this new project.

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We discovered 39 opportunities for Miam to improve all the steps of the customer journey, from becoming more accessible to providing a stellar customer service.



A big share of Miam’s challenges are easy fixes and require minimum efforts to boost the customer experience. 


A young fashion brand with an international and multichannel start

MIAM is a Nordic women’s clothing brand created in 2018. In only 2 years, the team has already been able to create a great marketing mix and a solid foundation for its future retail strategy. The brand has a good reach through its webshop, a design collective store, Dutch resellers and an active social media presence. 


When web-to-store strategy is lacking of counterpart

However, despite having invested a fairly good amount of time, energy and resources in digital platforms, the physical shops were the only channels generating sales. Because of its recent creation, and the premium price range, MIAM team became convinced that the only possible selling points were contained within the walls of a good old bricks and mortar shop. And as the team had no control over the resellers’ digital presence, all they could do was promote the Helsinki store. This web-to-store strategy was considerably narrowing-down the potential reach, focusing only on people who can visit one shop in one city. It was time for this retailer to explore other ways to grow faster. And as multiple channels were already utilized, why couldn’t they enjoy the various benefits of omni-channel retailing?  


A much broader and more integrated perspective

That is why Miia, the business owner and soul of MIAM clothing, was ready to meet up with WERK retail agency and myself to review and optimise her omni-channel retail strategy. We had 2 clear goals in mind for her company: 

  • empower MIAM to create a seamless customer experience, which will increase the sales
  • and accelerate customers acquisition, in the most cost-efficient possible way

To achieve these goals, pysical and digital channels were investigated through different prisms

  • Analytics and performance
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Brand experience
  • Employee experience
  • Personalised experience
  • Shopping experience
  • In-store experience
  • Social experience
  • Organizational competence

In order to be as mindful of Miia’s time as possible, the process only comprised:

  • a 1 hour kickoff meeting
  • a mystery client survey
  • a final 2 hours meeting to present the conclusions of this audit and the top priority recommendations

As for the deliverable, the omni-channel retail evaluation, it encompassed:

  • dashboard visualising the current situation of MIAM omnichannel retail strategy
  • a summary of the most challenging topics for the brand (the top 4 insights)
  • short-termmid-term and long-term action plans, highlighting the low hanging fruits
  • and the full list of all the opportunities spotted and the concrete recommendations for each of them

This thorough analysis enabled us to easily pinpoint the gaps created between the different channels we observed. Many useful elements had been implemented on each marketing and sales arena, however the strategy was deployed quite scatteredly, often resulting in a waste of opportunities and resources.


More clarity and a new mindset: the long-term rewards of the moni-channel evaluation

Even before starting to move to practical action, the client could enjoy a bunch of decisive ideas at the earliest stage of the project

  • a Google Analytics account was implemented on the eshop
  • a list of micro-influencers were found among the existing clients
  • awareness about a set of actions that should be part of the company’s routines

Following a customised grid of assessment, MIAM got a seamless customer experience score of 27%. The audit revealed 39 ways to boost MIAM business, 41% of which were considered as really easy fixes with a real impact. 

When the omni-channel retail final report was delivered, Miia gained more clarity and confidence about her business already. We asked her to rate from 0 to 5 how she felt about several topics during the kickoff and at the end of our mission.

After the last meeting:

  • She was able to define more clearly the areas of her business (sales and marketing strategy) she should prioritize (+1.5)
  • She felt much less overwhelmed by the process of designing her sales and marketing strategy (+2)
  • And she got a bit more clarity regarding what would be the next steps to take her business to the next level online and offline (+0.5)

Curious to know more? Here’s some excellent reading in Finnish. Grab a copy of the seamless customer experience guide or check MIAM case study on WERK’s website.

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