+100% YoY organic traffic for AVIS

I started to work on Avis’s French platform dedicated to van and truck rental last year. The website was losing organic traffic compared to the previous year.
After 3 months, it regained as much traffic as the year before; in the following period, the organic traffic had grown progressively until it reached a +100% improvement.
And it was not the only good surprise!

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The client is a worldwide brand of car and vans rental. In France, the client has a dedicated website for the car rentals and another one for the vans and trucks rental. The target of the latter entails both professionals needing a vehicle for their business, and individuals mainly to organise a moving. The high season starts in spring and last until the end of summer, with micro seasonal peaks after that.

The domain name is only 3 years old and SEO has never been at the core of its digital strategy.

Scope of the mission

An audit and a complete action plan were prepared during the 1st trimester; Then, we followed the technical implementation of the SEO strategy by another team, observed regularly the performances and added one batch of intervention after the 2nd trimester. Monthly reports were also delivered to the client and the technical team.

SEO strategy

In order to get the website’s potential flourish, whereas it was mainly based on an internal search engine (a type of content which is very much SEO unfriendly), the content strategy and its structure had to be completely redesigned so as to provide to the Google bot a nice and rich material to crawl in. Along with the classic SEO that needed to be done on the existing pages, many new lists of vehicles were created. In addition, the website is also now welcoming a cluster of pages evolving around the moving topic, together with a calculator tool, which is meant to meet the end users’ needs.

As a result, we gave Google +51% of content to chew on while we increased the internal linking, to lead the bot to this new content.

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