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How to be sure I enjoyed Slush to the fullest? The quiz! (2/2)

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Whatch out, an evaluation grid is hidden in this quiz

When was the last time you took a completely enlightening and life-changing personality quiz in a magazine? In fact, are you even old enough to know what I’m talking about? Have you ever read a magazine? Remember paper? Perhaps not. In any case, enjoy this most nostalgic inclusion of the printed press golden age! Simply select the appropriate response to each quiz item. Don’t spend too long thinking. Use your gut reaction. It may hurt.

  • How do you assess your meetings?

a) Number of appointments

b) Number of appointments with proven relevant stakeholders (quality of the exchanges, interest shown by the investor, very well targeted investor)

c) Number of appointments with proven relevant stakeholder with follow-up interactions

  • How do you assess your sales?

a) Number of sales

b) Revenue

c) Any mark of loyalty (recommandations, subscriptions to newsletter, SoMe…)

  • How do you assess your lead generation?

a) Number of leads

b) Number of segmented leads (by qualification, by interest, by demographic data…)

c) Number of segmented leads with follow-up interactions

  • How do you assess your social media interactions?

a) Number of new followers, number of interactions

b) Ratio of the number of new followers / the number of posts, number of trending hashtags used, interactions on your SoMe (specially those increasing your visibility or showing a strong form of engagement from your users, i.e comments and shares)

c) Relevant dialogues both on your accounts and on your target’s accounts

  • Do you assess your benchmark and if yes, how do you do it?

a) Number of inspiring / similar projects

b) Number of detailed presentations of inspiring / similar projects (you not only heard of the project but got a deeper understanding of the stakes)

c) Ideas you’ve got from those presentations that could help your own project grow

  • Do you assess the time and energy you spent organizing your Slush and if yes, how do you do it?

a) Number of things done, volume of time spent

b) Prep management ratio: what you prepared / what you actually used or did (flyers, posters, business cards, presentation videos, slides, contest, devices like laptop or tablet to display/do something special)

c) Prep management (time, cost) per things done versus feedbacks/impact of those things (i.e a survey you prepared to collect ideas and contacts (time) that you displayed on a tablet (cost) versus number of ideas and contacts collected.

Results (these are 100% real, trust me… Just ask your favorite psychic)

  • If you answered mostly As, you’re a pragmatic collector (loser)

You’re a very pragmatic type of person. You like to count things and are probably into collecting all sorts of stuff, like imaginary friends. It’s okay, tech people are weird, but life isn’t always about counting and owning things. Step back, distance yourself from the world you’re living in and try to see the global picture. Contextualize the data you’re so keen to collect and make it useful.

  • If you answered mostly Bs, you’re a perfectionist living in the moment (chicken)

Wow, we’ve got quite the analytical mindset here! Well done. You can’t be tricked by vanity metrics. Too smart. BUT you’re also a perfectionist living in the moment. You’re never completely satisfied and always looking for the little mistake you’ve made. Don’t be so harsh on yourself, and accept that the risky road to success is paved with irregular rocks. Allow yourself to Dream Big! YEAH!

  • If you answered mostly Cs, you’re Steve Jobs’ and James Bond’s unborn lovechild (tech-God)

You’ve stepped onto the stage and into the evil villain’s lair. You got the teeming masses of fans excited and you’re ready to drive your Aston Martin off a cliff with your supermodel co-spy in the passenger seat. From there, not only do you have a panoramic view of the situation but you’re also taking the necessary risks to achieve your mission no matter what. You analyse the past, make informed decisions in the present and are not afraid to consider what goes into an uncertain, yet supremely inspirational future.