Thoughts, Words, Actions

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Thoughts, words, actions

I believe in the power of words shaping the mind and turning into actions. Your online communication shouldn’t just be done for the sake of filling the void. Your SEO strategy, your PPC, or your email campaigns shouldn’t be done just to be out there. 

Personally, I don’t base my expectations on what people say. I’d rather focus on their actions instead. And most specifically, I enjoy comparing the language and the behaviour. Professionally, I just do the same. I pay attention to the ideas behind the words, their connotations, in order to choose them as wisely as possible. And then, I observe the users’ behaviour on the website and try to make the most relevant deductions that will be included into the strategy. The pattern is the same as in any other IT-project. 

Design, implement, analyze

I’m more comfortable with long term projects because certain things take time. Getting familiar with an industry takes time, implementing a solid content strategy takes time, building a high-quality fan-base or emailing database takes time. For all these reasons, and many more, I encourage long-term collaborations

In SEO, the tools to identify the keywords with the best potential are rarely 100% reliable, depending on the market and volume of searches. In a B2B context, you quite often end up working in a niche. Then, it can take some time to gauge accurately the situation and define the most relevant cluster of keywords. Conversely, if you’re dealing with a large B2C audience in a competitive market, the workload is quite huge and the SEO effort must never be interrupted in order to tackle the competition.    

On your social media and with Google Ads, volume is crucial. If you want to grow your SoMe organically, you need to build a strong follower base. For that, you need either to be super active offline, have kickass media coverage, or a great deal of time (that’s my point). If you want to run sponsored campaigns either on Google or on your social media, you need to invest a few K to get enough traffic to see the return on your investment. 

It all depends on many parameters of course, but in general, that’s how it goes for many small and medium enterprises.

There’s knowing, and there’s knowing

Companies don’t only need someone who’s got a global vision of all the ongoing campaigns from a project-managerial perspective. Similarly, companies don’t only need someone who knows theoretically how to do search engine marketing and the like. IMHO, they need someone with  substantial hands-on experience (which facilitates collaborations), capable of handling the different channels of communication and integrating them into one unified strategy. This way, your message is more consistent and the way it’s spread out is more cost-efficient.

If all this resonates with you, contact me for more information.

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