I’ve worked for 8 years in a web agency in Toulouse, France, and we’re still working together by the way. 99,99% of their projects are related to the automotive industry.

Therefore, I’m quite familiar with catalogue-based website and lead generation.

I’m also working with other French and Finnish entities from a wider range of industries addressing local, national and international markets: telecom engineeringe-learningcateringsustainable designheadhunting

I’m keen on getting new experiences and applying my methodology to serve your business.

Social media optimisation for a food design project in Helsinki

organic impressions on Instagram

When food drives people crazy on Instagram

A creative chef worked on his branding and I helped him share this new message to various digital platforms. This hybrid mission comprised Google Ads, social media marketing on Instagram and even PR. Here's the summary of what was achieved in a couple of months.

Enjoy this ride on social media


Small organisation but huge commitment

This pastry chef had just started to run his own online catering service a few months before our collaboration. The resources were scarce but together with his wife, their involvement in their online communication strategy was conversely tremendous.

Read the case study of this local business

yoy organic traffic growth

Avis on an ever-growing trend

A year prior to my mission, the website was losing organic traffic compared to the previous year. After 3 months, it regained as much traffic as the year before; And on the 7th month, it reached a +100% improvement. 

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