Conceptualization corner. Here you’ll find ideas about my work-life, SEO tips, thoughts regarding traffic acquisition and content strategy, reviews of Helsinki startup events like Slush, my experience in coworking spaces, and more! This is a place to explore my purpose and objectives.

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Optimizing your testimonials with a SEO approach by applying categories and tags feels like a magic trick because the results can be so extraordinary, but it doesn’t really require too much wizardry. Let’s take a look into the crystal ball to see how adding a dash of Search Engine Optimization to your testimonial tonic can really make your website glimmer and shine.

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Grow Your Tralala


Reviewing myself. What it’s like to give a presentation on a trendy marketing technique beloved by the start-up world, also known as growth hacking. I combined a lightning talk and a more hands-on portion to share concrete examples, in a very SEO-fashioned way. If you’d like to discover my personal take on this concept, enjoy this post!

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