When food drives people crazy on Instagram

Vahid Mortezaei is a chef and artist who runs a wide range of creative and food-related projects in Helsinki. The goal of our collaboration was to structure and speed up his online communication as well as to put a process in place that he could also utilize himself for the success of future projects.

Find more info below about the exposure Vahid received in a short timeframe with a personalised multichannel marketing strategy that gave the initial boost needed to get started with his new brand.

Impressions (+7250% compared to the previous period)

The 72 images pushed to the client's Instagram account received around 19 500 impressions organically in 16 days.

Likes (+100% compared to the previous period)

On average, with a limited follower base comprising less than 200 users, each post received 34 likes, even though certain images weren't relevant (but key parts of the puzzle we created)

Re-branding process

The client was willing to operate a fairly radical change of branding. He pushed his boundaries to develop his brands towards a more artistic direct. This also meant redefining the scope of his activity by expanding into food design and launching the new brand Persikka.

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Our collaboration spread over 2 months to give an initial boost to his new brand both on the website and on the new Instagram account. We aimed to highlight the new types of activities and define online communication guidelines that would allow the chef to be more autonomous in the future.

A multichannel strategy for a versatile company

The focus in our communication strategy was primarily on Google Ads, social media, and PR. Apart from the client’s website, Google and Instagram were utilized to reach and engage new audiences.

The PPC campaign promoting the creative catering service locally received over 30 000 impressions on Google for a month whereas the organic Instagram campaign attracted a new international audience.

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Within only two months the client received not only exposure on social media and search engines, but also a solid multichannel communication strategy that reflects the artistic quality of his new brand much better. Furthermore, I provided him with a rich toolbox of concrete and actionable steps to be deployed in the short and long term, to feed the client’s online marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about your online marketing strategy

You don’t need extravagant resources to reach interesting results, relevant for the size of your organisation. The most important thing is probably your involvement in the project. If you want to collaborate with me, drop me a line.

Avis on an ever-growing trend

Case study

A year prior to my mission, the Avis website was losing organic traffic compared to the previous year. After 3 months on my assignment, it regained as much traffic as the year before; and on the 7th month, it reached a +100% improvement. 

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Small organisation but huge commitment

Case study

This pastry chef had just started to run his own online catering service a few months before our collaboration. The resources were scarce, but together with his wife, their involvement in their online communication strategy was conversely tremendous.

Almost 10%


When I started my little entrepreneurial adventure, I offered 10% of my time to people needing SEO, Google Ads, or anything related to online marketing, for free. Here is what I learned about the face value of work.

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